What is Workplace Massage?

MMC Corporate Workplace Massage is designed to fit in with the working environment of each client.  It is typically performed at your Workplace with scheduled appointments for each individual.  

What is the minimum time required for service?

We are happy to arrange service from as little as 1 hour.  So whether you are working alone, have a small team, or a very large team, you can enjoy the convenience of Workplace Massage.

How much time per person is recommended?

We recommend a minimum of 20 minutes per person.  However, we can tailor the time to suit your request and environment.

What options do I have?

You can choose whether your team receives Massage using an Onsite Massage Chair, Portable table, or Seated Massage at the desk.  We recommend that sessions that are 5 – 20 minutes per person are provided on a Massage Chair, and sessions that are 30 minutes or more per person are provided on a Portable table.  We can use oils and balms if desired or massage over clothing. 

What kind of space is needed?

We recommend a separate and private office for Chair or Table massage so that staff can come away from their desk into a quiet space to optimize their massage session.  If you do not have this type of space available, we are happy to discuss other options with you.

What can I expect from an MMC Corporate Therapist?

Our Therapists are fully qualified, experienced and trained.  We go through a stringent vetting process where Therapists must meet our criteria before they can join our team.  Once they are part of our team, they firstly work alongside our long-standing Therapists until we are confident that they meet our high standards.  They are then ready to look after our clients working autonomously.  We ensure that the Therapist you are assigned will be the best fit for you, and you are the best fit for them.  You may request another Therapist if you are not completely happy with the Therapist you are assigned




Thank you for an excellent massage session at our corporate event. We will triple our sessions with you next time. Thank you.

- Zhanna E
Lion Breweries